DJ Lalee Rips Us A New One

Tonight was marvelous, despite the first 45 minutes being awkward because Time Out Chicago was there to take photos. Let it be known that the photog for Time Out is the first and last man ever to step foot inside our class! Never again! (he was really sweet – but you know, we’re supposed to operate on principles here!). We may have scared him when the song, P Control came on. It was hot.

But the moment he left, the real insanity (aka class) began. Cartwheels, crab-walking fights, and break dancing, OH MY! It was borderline illegal how much fun we had. And DJ Lalee’s mix! My lord! It was unrelenting! See for yourself! (click on this –> DJ Lalee’s Playlist)

And I must add that Megan said something tonight that made me SO ridiculously happy that I have to share. She said “I want you to know this is the last $5 I have for the week, and I’m spending it on this.” Come on people! If you aren’t at least curious when someone spends their last 5 spot on this, then….then…I can’t even say it.

Thanks to all the ladies who shook it hard for the camera, and harder for themselves. Nice one tonight!


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