DJ Alliecat + New Sound System = ROCK

We reached a new record tonight – TWENTY sweaty ladies dancing like there IS a tomorrow (and it’s unbelievably good). Despite moments of speaker malfunction, the sound was nice and heavy tonight – you could feel it, and it felt like hot pudding.
So we look forward to Wednesdays being so pumped full of hot pudding that Augustus Gloop will be tearing down the door. Awww yeah. And Allison (aka DJ Alliecat) made a mix for the record books…anytime you include 2 Arcade Fire songs on one mix, I’m a happy lady. See what we heard below:

Late in the Evening, Paul Simon
Just Like Heaven, The Cure
Big Time Sensuality, Bjork
Chick Habit, April March
Miserlou, Dick Dale
Bizarre Love Triangle, New Order
West End Girls, Pet Shop Boys
Open Your Heart, Madonna
I Want You Back, Jackson 5
Let’s Go Crazy, Prince
Get Ur Freak On, Missy Elliott
Bad Reputation, Joan Jett
Atomic, Blondie
Brother, The Organ
Strangers, Portishead
True Faith, New Order
Haiti, Arcade Fire
A Little Respect, Erasure
California Sun, Ramones
Blister in the Sun, Violent Femmes
Jungle Boogie, LL Cool J
Mr. Brightside, Killers
Power Out, Arcade Fire
All I Want Is You, U2

OH! And someone forgot their stuff at the studio tonight! They left some dancing shoes and pink shorts and assorted clothes in a plastic bag. Please email us: and we’ll coordinate! Thanks!


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