Clap Your Hands Everybody…If You Got What It Takes

This week’s class was noteworthy on a number of levels. Allow me to enumerate in bullet point form:

  • We used an ipod shuffle (a first! It worked!) for DJ KikiBizzo’s sweatacular mix
  • One of our esteemed regulars showed such commitment to DDPP – that even in the face of financial hardship – she paid for class with rolls of pennies. No joke.
  • I clapped so hard my hands nearly bled during the this part: Ma Ma se, Ma ma sa, ma ma coo sa Ma ma se, ma ma sa,
    Ma ma coo sa of Mr. Jackson’s “Wanna Be Starting Somethin”. You know it. You love it.
  • And there was a reprise of “I need a hero” – which is quite possibly the best song ever made. The jury is still out.

So yeah – class pretty much ruled. I sweat off the beer and mac and cheese I ate directly after class – at least I think. Liz – I think I walked 72 football fields worth. I earned it. Yesss!

Ok – here’s Kelly’s fantastical mix! The scissors sisters have some tricks up their sleeves, my lord – that song could rouse the dead!
DJ KikiBizzo’s Mix


One thought on “Clap Your Hands Everybody…If You Got What It Takes

  1. I just read the write-up in Bust. I am dying to experience DDPP, but Wednesdays are awful for me. Any chance a weekend class will be added? I saw rumblings in the posts below about a possible Sunday class. Any chance this will happen?

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