Hot & sassy for unexpected guests October 1oth

It was a hot one tonight. DJ Allison put together another clutch mix for our dancing legs. At one point, I even lost it and started making animal noises while twisting my head all around. If music can elicit that kind of behavior, then it’s welcome at DDPP! We had a big crowd of loyal and fresh off the boat dancers tonight. The space was tight and hot..just like we like it. Our dancing was so hot that we created a little “locker gym” smell for our unexpected guests that arrived ten minutes before our thrashing was done. Gals, if there is ever a scene to accidentally walk in on, it would be DDPP. We were quite an impressive spectacle. So much that we not only put on a show for our waiting and confused guests, but they enthusiastically asked Jenn what all this dancing was about. She smiled, handed them a flyer, and walked away. I’m sure we will see one of those angry faces turn into bliss on our dance floor one of these next times. In fact, I guarantee it. Nice job ladies. Without further ado, Allison’s mix.

Finally Woken, Jem
Ooh La La, Goldfrapp
Standing In The Way Of Control, The Gossip
4 My People, Missy Elliott
Love To Hate You, Erasure
We Got The Beat, The Go-Go’s
You Say You Lie, The Raveonettes
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This), Eurythmics
Nevermore, Afro Celts
Love Builds Up, Electrelane
Outsiders, Franz Ferdinand
Slide In, Goldfrapp
Old School Joint, Missy Elliott
Gone Under Sea, Electrelane
Always On My Mind, Pet Shop Boys
Rapture, Blondie
Middle Of The Road, The Pretenders
Relax Baby Be Cool, Stereo Total
Sing, Sing, Sing, Los Straitjackets
Sound-A-Sleep, Blondie


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