Kan-ye Dance?

Yes. Yes we kan.

Despite the TV camera from Metromix being all up in our bizzo, we danced without fear. We danced with pizazz. We shook our money makers and we all got some change. Word is we’ll be on Metromix TV (which is on CLTV? Comcast? I don’t know – I don’t have this new invention called TV) this Friday. But word is also that we’ll be archived on the internet for all of eternity. Word. There goes all of our chances at being president. Oh wait – I want my pres to dance like s/he means it.

One of the many highlights of the night came at the end of class when the camera man lamented that there wasn’t anything out there like this for men. He said he caught himself dancing while on the job and that it looked like a lot of fun! He’s right! C’mon Western culture! Get with the times! Letting go of your ego is F.U.N. (frickin unbelievably neato)!!!

And also! We’ll be on the air in Canada! Oh yeah! Sometime this week, DDPP will be featured on the fabulous show As It Happens. Checky here to listen: http://www.cbc.ca/aih/index.html

Keep on keeping on ladies. You’re looking mighty good while you do so.

And here’s DJ 712’s hot mix for the record books tonight. Check it out:

Let’s Dance by David Bowie
Dancing with Myself by Billy Idol
Rock Lobster by B-52’s
Track 03 by the Busy Signals (I call the song “Can’t Stand It”)
Gett Off by Prince
It’s Like That by Mariah Carey
Fire Fire by M.I.A.
Give It To Me by Timbaland
Blindfold Me by Kelis
Cindrella Under the Umbrella by Rihanna
Clothes Off by Gym Class Heroes
Stronger by Kanye West
B.O.B. by Outkast
Wolf Like Me by TV on the Radio
Sunday Morning by No Doubt
I’ll Kiss You by Cyndi Lauper
Close to Me by The Cure
Human Nature by Michael Jackson


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