Like a Solid Gold Cassette Tape

That’s right. Solid gold. Here’s a little ad I made up for a magazine. If you feel as zealous as we do about dancing your ass off without all the baggage that comes with doing it in public – maybe you want to download this ad? Put it on your fridge? Tape it to your cubicle? Modge Podge it all over your car to be an around town advertisement? I don’t know. That’s why I’m throwing it up here, just in case. And I mean “throwing it up” as in “posting it” – not vomiting. Although that could be funny slang for vomit – “That lady was so drunk – she posted all over my new sweater!” Ok – that doesn’t really work. Anyway – here she is. Do with her as you please. And if anyone out there decides to do a count stitch pillow of this design? Well – I’ll pay you handsomely for another.



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