DJ World Mama

This afternoon was a ride on one smooth soul train. DJ World Mama was our conductor, and she blew that whistle hard! She kicked up some jams from back in the days of days! Don’t you want somebody to love? Why yes! Yes we do! And as a matter of fact – come midnight or shortly thereafter – we ARE going to let it all hang out. Let’s make DDPP an invitation across the nation – a chance for folks to meet! (Dancing in the street, your seat, or the sheets!)

Today we had plenty of room to twirl, slide, leap and not hurt anyone in close proximity. But if you’re like Jenn Martin – you can injure yourself from feeling the music really hard. Hope your leg feels better lady! No more split leaps and limbos! Thanks to all the ladies who made it out on the snowiest DDPP to date! And thanks to Judith (DJ World Mama) for taking us back in time and to exotic lands in this uber mix of magic.
DJ World Mama


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