The Lesser Known Chicago Fire

Was it the freakishly high temperatures today that did it?

Might it have been some grand spiritual force giving us a sign, validating our endeavors?

Or was it merely the fact that we were a throng of over 20 ceaselessly gyrating bodies who generated enough energy to power Detroit for 80 hard hitting minutes?

Whatever or whomever was responsible for the fire alarm going off, it could not have been better timed. It got excited during the Basement Jaxx song “Breakaway” – which featured the lyrics: “I’m… on… fire”. So perfect. If only we had another song on there about fogging up mirrors.

Thanks to all the new ladies who took a chance on having a ridiculously good time for the paltry price of 5 smackaroos! And thanks to everyone for kicking it Axel F style without hesitation. A lesser crowd would not have done so spectacularly with that track!

See you next week… when we will disarm the fire alarm off before ya’ll get there. Oh yeah – and this week’s mix was brought to you by DJ Tanner (Jenn Martin) and DJ Bran (Jenn Brandel) – your head mistresses of ridiculousness.



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