Get Down On “It”, “Get Down” On It

DJ Kiki Bizzo does not mess with Texas. She also does not mess with her DJ duties. A splendid mix was begotten by us all, thanks to her masterful talents. Thanks to Kiki, I’ve had Kool and the Gang’s “Get Down On It” in my head for a full 14 hours now (woke up singing it, too!). Things could be worse, right? Oh yes. Most certainly!

Newly sheared Jennifer S proffered up the rhetorical question at the end of that song “What is the “it” Kool is referring to?” That is what I have yet to solve. I’m hoping it’s the dance floor. But perhaps he was referring to gardening? After all, one does have to crouch a great deal. Hmmmmm.

Enough silliness! Wait… no – MORE silliness! Anyone in that class last night who decided to lay on the floor and flail your limbs mercilessly during the end of Rock Lobster, I salute you! Anyone who sprinted to and fro or did anything that could be called “zipping” – I salute you! And anyone who clapped so hard their hands throbbed during the highly rousing end of “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'” – I salute you! By my count, that means every dang one of us just got saluted. That doesn’t happen every day. Good work womens!

And now – I shall present what inspired us all to ‘go there’ : DJ Kiki Bizzo’s Mix.

1-16-08 mix


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