Spontaneous Sing-Alongs and Clapeography

Wow. DJ Lady K Stud brought it out in all of us last night with her stellar mix. Old and new, familiar and obscure – she took us on a journey we were all prepared for (3oz bottles in quart zip-locks and all).

We were lucky to have Anne Glickman – a radio producer for Weekend America – join us in our quest for personal greatness (and fitness). She sat in the middle of the room part of the class to capture our claps, hoots, hollers and attempts to sing along and in tune during Take On Me.

After the session, Anne brought to my attention that DDPP has a new use I had never fully considered: an antidepressant. She said while sitting in the middle of the whirling, joyful energy we generated she realized it was absolutely impossible to not feel that same joy. Perhaps we need a new slogan: DDPP – The Quicker, All-Natural Picker Upper.

Thanks to Lady K-Stud for this most excellent mix.

Lady K Stud Mix

One thought on “Spontaneous Sing-Alongs and Clapeography

  1. I agree DDPP is an antidepressant! I come to DDPP not just for a great workout to fun music, but to rediscover some joy. Can’t wait for next Sunday!

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