Hey DDPP Troops! Prepare to be mobilized!

In the last few months, we’ve come dangerously close to capacity in our cozy little studio on the North side. Turning away ladies ready to dance is our worst nightmare – so we’re trying to find a bigger space for DDPP. We found the studio we’re in currently through word of mouth, and we’re hoping to find a new space the same way. So here’s where you come in…

We’d love to get your ideas for where we should start hosting DDPP! If you know of a great studio space we should check into – please email us the details at: ddppchicago(at)gmail(dot)com.

If you are the lady who recommends the space we end up using, you’ll get 10 free sessions of DDPP action! That’s a $50 value for an email! Doesn’t get better!

So you can put your thinking caps on – here’s what we’re looking for (aka DREAM SCENARIO):

  • Good location: somewhere close to an EL station(s), CTA bus stop (preferably both) and with street parking close by. We’d love to get something closer to the loop so that ladies can come from work on Wednesday nights and so that our south side friends have an easier time getting to us
  • Big space: right now our studio holds about 30 gyrating bodies comfortably. We’re looking to find something with double the capacity so we can all flail without fear.
    • Mirrors are a plus (at least a couple)
    • A space with a built in sound system is also a huge bonus
  • Good price: The reason we don’t have to charge much is because our studio doesn’t cost much. We are not in the money-making business – we just like to cover the cost of the rental of the space each class. So we’d be looking at a space that charges $15-25 an hour so we don’t break our tiny bank and can keep charging $5 and renting a space for 2 hours.

Also – what we’re NOT looking for is taking up residence in a gym. We want to maintain our own identity as well as avoid the whole weirdness of having a room where curious onlookers can peep inside. It’s our party and we’ll dance if we want to!

Of course this is all a dream scenario – but maybe that little studio is out there and you know of it! Please email us if you have any ideas of a place that fits at least a few of these dream criteria.

Thank you for your suggestions! We look forward to dancing with you again SOON!


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