And the B-b-b-b-b-eat Goes On

So yeah – CDs. We learned the hard way tonight that ipods are most certainly the way to go. There was a bit of skipping at the start, but after a few MacGyver-like maneuvers, we kept the CD player and each other reasonably happy. It was just one of those days: a day for learning.

It was the kind of day where you forget your workout gear at home and realize it 5 minutes before class starts and are forced to learn what the CVS across the street has in the way of attire. Here is my lesson for the day in short form:

Two-pack of sports bras (gray and white) $7.99

Three pack of men’s white t-shirts $6.99

Plaid faux-flannel pajama bottoms: $4.99 (on sale)

Working up a great sweat while NOT being in your your work clothes: Priceless.

CVS workout gear

Thanks to Megan for her swiss army scissors (which I have by the way – and will bring to class next week). Dancing in full length pants of that flannel nightmare would have been the opposite of fun.

Laurie Apple aka DJ Lapple PieTunes kept our heart rates up with her fantastic mix! This one merits a repeat session! Check it:

Lapple Pietunes


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