Bienvenido a Chicago

After more than 24 sleep deprived hours and traveling from South America to North America in three planes and two cars, the last thing I wanted to do was sleep. I had some dancing to do. In fact, I danced right off the plane all the way to class (or maybe that was all of the itching I was doing from my blotchy sunburn). Regardless, there was no sitting still with the musical selection that presented itself tonight at Dance Dance Party Party. What does beauty look like? Fourteen ladies stompin’ their feet, shakin’ their hips, and swingin’ their arms all over the place as they got down with DJ Action Hero. This mix rescued us from the cold with it’s bass thumpin’ beats. I don’t know about a 50 degree temperature drop in the last 24 hours here in Chicago. It sure was hot on the dance floor. If you want to relive the sweat and the feelings of exhilaration once again, check out the mix below from our dear DJ Action Hero.

1 Madonna – Amazing

2 Ananda Shankar – Streets of Calcutta

3 Le Tigre – After Dark

4 Abba – I Am the City

5 Fujiya & Miyagi – In One Ear & Out the Other

6 The Creation – Biff Bang Pow

7 Curve – Fait Accompli

8 Pin Me Down – Cryptic

9 Pop Will Eat Itself – Karmadrome

10 Mason/2 Many DJs – Exceeder

11 Pulsars – Silicon Teens

12 Depeche Mode – Photographic

13 Olympic Death Squad – Shortsleeve

14 The Young Punx – Fire

15 Britney Spears – Gimme More

16 Propellerheads – Spybreak! (Short One)

17 Rouge – He’s No Good

18 The Charlatans UK – The Only One I Know

19 Feminine Complex – I Don’t Want Another Man

20 Petula Clark – Downtown (1988)

21 Riot In Belgium – La Musique JBAG’s Boomboxed reedit

22 Autolux – Sugarless


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