Meow…..turns to WOW.

DJ Cat Chat had us chatting up a storm today, only the chattering was coming through our limbs and not our mouth’s. Heavy bass, and twangy beats had us shakin’ our booties and swinging our lasso’s. Yep, you got it right. We spanned the musical spectrum and it was more than colorful. You’d think we were all trying out for the next cat woman role. Let’s just say we started out with a little less conversation (through the mouth that is) and we spent the next hour and a half letting our hearts run free while we got the party started, burned down the house, couldn’t stop doing the loco-motion, spinning our bodies around, going up and down. rockin’ our bodies, and falling in love with the music and ourselves. Why might you ask would be doing this? Well, it’s because we are just girls, but not just any girls..let’s change that to Phenomenal women. Awww yeah. Without further ado.



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