Livin’ in Arctic Temperatures… and on a Prayer

Ok – what the hell? I mean seriously. It was ONE DEGREE out today. Fahrenheit. That’s -17 degrees Celsius (I’m sure you were wondering). Jenn Martin and I were banking that 5 ladies (tops) would brave the elements to come out and dance. And that was including us.

Wow. Were we wrong. By like, 20.

Today’s DDPP was incredibly awesome – not just because of the sheer numbers in the face of frozen boogers – but because of DJ Yes M’am’s fantastical musical mix and the positive energy generated in that room. It’s been three hours since I stopped shaking it and I’m still on cloud 9. When livin on a prayer came on and every single woman in that room pumped her fists and jumped up and down – I swear it was borderline religious. And Manic Monday! And I Wanna Dance With Somebody! It was a frickin campfire sing along! I mean – it doesn’t get any better than a room full of strangers whoo hooing to Whitney without an ounce of attention paid to giving a crap.

Really – tonight was a great example of why we continue to do this and believe so strongly in it. Rain or shine, arctic temps or blazing hot – we’ll keep dancing until someone shoots us in the feet.

Thanks so much to Amanda (DJ Yes M’am) for such a thoughtfully crafted mix.

Dj Yes Mam


2 thoughts on “Livin’ in Arctic Temperatures… and on a Prayer

  1. “Livin’ on a Prayer” just does that.

    I once took a trip to London and Barcelona and happened to run into that song being played in a bar in each city.

    In both cases everyone lost it and sang along and danced around like happy goofballs without a care in the world.

    I often wonder if Bon Jovi have any idea what kind of freedom that song inspires. I mean, think about it — they always see people pumping fists and singing along to that song at their shows. That’s normal.

    But you take it out of the rock show context and it *still* gets that response. That’s pretty awesome.

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