Jump, Jump for My Love!

DJ Hiz-eitz made us leap, bound, high kick, twirl, and yes  Jump, JUMP for her love! Her love here = her fantastic mix of songs. I mean – we built an ENTIRE CITY on Rock and Roll! And let me tell you from experience – there’s  a lot of sweat involved in such endeavors.

After constructing a gleaming, glowing, brand new metropolis – we took a break and retired to our own private Idahos. Which was nice – but a little too many potatoes. So we reconvened and decided we were just going to pretend it was Friday. (For Jenn Martin – it’s apparently always Friday). Why Friday? Because Friday I’m in love! And I’m also in love on Valentine’s day – with each and every one of you!  Thanks to the 17 vessels of throbbing energy who made it out last night for a truly beautiful  freak out session on the dance floor.
playlist 2/13


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