Sarah Jessica Parker – We Salute You

What a girl wants, what a girl needs who’s to say? But GIRLS (plural) – just wanna have fun. (Doy!) That was one of my favorite movies as a youngin, and if I think about it long and hard enough, it was probably the inspiration behind Dance Dance Party Party. Specifically – this scene:

I hope you took 6 minutes and 8 seconds to watch that video. Assuming that you did – I mean, COME ON! Who doesn’t want to dance their face off after such a dramatic win? That’s how I feel at some point during every DDPP. Like Sarah Jessica Parker, but without the dude, and wishing I could find an outfit like that at Village Discount.

So last night, I brought the inspiration along and embedded it in my play list. Yes – Dancing in Heaven. The very song that brought SJP such triumph and glory! Jenn Martin pointed out that I accidentally (or not? hmmm) included another song from that movie. The one SJP and Helen Hunt get down at for try outs. You know it – Dancing in the Streets. It doesn’t matter what you wear – just as long as you get down to DDPP one of these nights.

Thanks to all who came out in the chilly, lunar eclipse. I think we all realized some important things- namely, Kenny Loggins is pretty damn hot, Stevie Wonder does the best Beatles cover of anyone (ever), and you need to rent Girls Just Wanna Have Fun again, stat.

J Bran


3 thoughts on “Sarah Jessica Parker – We Salute You

  1. AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!! I miss a DDPP and Cornershop was on the playlist!!!!!! Jenn, I forgive you for liking SJP because you played Cornershop ! I missed it!

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