Wish it was Sunday. That’s my fun day.

So it’s the day after a helluva a DDPP mix brought to us by DJ Katzi and DJ K-Z and I’m feeling a bit of a hangover. Could it be from devouring half a pan of 7 layer dip while watching the Oscars? Hmmm – could be. But more than likely – it’s because I’m actually SORE from that class and feeling a bit nostalgic for all that energy on this dreary Monday morn.

You’d think dancing my face off 2 days a week would mean I’m past the soreness phase, but that mix threw me into a new level of cardiac high and sweat production. This in turn inspired many high kicks and some time rolling around on the studio floor (thank you Prince guitar solo!) Yep. Laundry time!

Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday on that sunny Sunday and threw down. That was truly a blast. I’ll post the DJ playlist as soon as it becomes available so you can relive your favorite moments all…week…long. Or until Wednesday – if you can make it to DDPP again! Woo hoo!


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