Wife of Detholz Rocks Us Right!

We certainly strapped on our boogie shoes tonight. DJ Ann Atomic (aka Wife of Detholz, aka Jen Gracie Schwarz) lovingly wove a sonic tapestry with something for everyone. I mean – we bongo bonged to Manu Chau, found our own personal deities with Of Montreal, and rocked out vicariously with Ann Atomic’s husband and crew! Oh yeah – and we went back to the future while doing the Time Warp. I saw myself as an old woman and yep – I was still dancing in the nursing home hallways (you can still get funky with an IV in your arm – take it from me. Or the future me. I think). I think I need to ease up on the dayquil. Apologies all…

Thanks to Jen/Gracie/Ann Atomic for the fantabulous mix! And thanks for every single one of you who is still saying YES to life in the midst of a borderline absurd winter! You inspire inspiration. Truly.

Gracie’s playlist


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