Passport to Schvitzing

Tonight’s music was amazing! Or in other words…

heute abend war Musik erstaunlich

vanavond was de muziek verbazend

απόψε η μουσική ήταν καταπληκτική


오늘 밤 음악은 굉장했다




DJ Import wasn’t prepared to just throw down any old mix – she painstakingly collected it from around the globe and shipped it in bubble wrap with plenty of postage! Not a single song from American soil – and all of it booty-busting, post-language dance bliss material! This is a feat worth commendation of the highest order! I haven’t figured out what that means quite yet – but maybe a cupcake or a crown or at the very least a supremely thunderous high five.  I’m happy to report none of us were mugged, had gastrointestinal issues or contracted avian flu (knock on wood).  That mix tired me out so thoroughly I think I gotta leave it at that and hit the hay. Amazing job on the tunage and assemblage DJ Import! I’ll be your backpacking buddy anytime!

    Dj Import Mix


3 thoughts on “Passport to Schvitzing

  1. so, I can’t really search for that first number on Itunes, can I? I’m starting to feel the jet lag. It feels awesome!!

  2. If you like, I can burn you a copy…might be a lot easier.

    That song came off of a bootleg CD I bought in Chinatown (a slightly shady operation, but one that will get my repeat business nonetheless).

  3. DJ Import……what a fun trip around the world! Dreamed last night of exotic places and your playlist was the soundtrack. Woke up this morning back in Chicago and damn my limbs were sore from all that dancin!!! Thanks toni

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