Say Na Say Na turned into Say Ya Say Ya start a mix with a heavy hitter such as canned heat says it all. DJ ann atomic took us on a ride around the world about xxxxxtimes, where a roller coaster of emotions escaped our bodies. Along the way we got some Bonafide Lovin’ by bringing the “good” boys home. Our Belleville Rendez Vous displayed a whipping of our bodies and a unified gyrating motion as we learned how to beat it. Love soon tore us a apart though once we learned we were a chain of fools. It was on to a Wild Wild Life after that. We caught the last train to Mars just in time to reach NO MAN’S LAND, where we expressed ourselves freely. It was here when we finally let go of everything we had bee holding onto, that we found peace, exhilaration, and total bliss. We all let it out in a place called Xanadu, where movin’ on up and movin’ on down is a way of life on the dance floor. DJ Ann Atomic…I’m ready for my next trip around the world. Got my ticket, my bags are packed, just waiting for my feet to move.



One thought on “Say Na Say Na turned into Say Ya Say Ya

  1. Another great mix from DJ annatomic!!! I think a good time was had by all! I fell at home on Saturday and was pretty sore….I actually thought about not coming to DDPP on Sunday but I made myself not be a whoosy girl and I am SO glad that I did. Thanks! toni

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