Dancin’ our faces off with the Dynamic Duo

DJ Tricky Nicky & DJ Ni K K created an unforgettable ladies night that was certainly toxic to our limbs. It was if their songs & their titles described everything we are/do/and love. Check it out: Low, Shake that, bust a move, shake your groove thing. We did all of these liberating moves. If anyone saw us, they’d be thinking….Don’t stop the music & Ooh la la. The beauty of DDPP however, is that no one was watching, there are no Mr. Big Stuff’s to impress, no Barbie girls, and it’s not a scene for making out. For us, we can safely say, “let’s dance because..I think we’re alone now”. What did this mean for us and DJ Tricky Nicky & DJ Ni K K? They got to tell us, “Relax, take it easy. If you don’t know by now….You should be dancing. Let that Party in your head out and let’s make some Abracadabra on the dance floor tonight. The way you move needs to shine on the dance floor, not back in your head”. Normally, it’s tricky to let it all out. At DDPP however, that has never been the case. Our incredible DJ’s tonight knew that Girls just want to have fun & they created a mix that left us Adrift on Memory Bliss. Kudos to you ladies for letting us get our moves out of our head, down through our limbs, and onto the dance floor.


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