Can’t Get Enough Krack

One of the greatest aspects of DDPP is that no two are ever alike. Not only are the vibrational frequencies of the room different and the ladies different, but each playlist has its own personality. Sure we might hear Gnarls Barkley or Kool and the Gang or Madonna every few mixes – but by and large no two mixes are alike. And every once in a while…we get a real all-star DJ who likes a challenge…

Today – DJ Krack joined the DJ Hall of Fame (established with DJ Import’s entirely non-USA mix) with her 100% never-been-heard-before-in-DDPP-studio raucous rocking mix of rockingness. Yep – she created a spreadsheet and HAND ENTERED EVERY SONG we’ve ever played to ensure her list was nothing but newness! Over 1,000 songs lovingly typed in spreadsheet form! Incredible! The dedication to originality and the mix – stupendous!

A dozen lovelies came out and braved the frigid March afternoon to clap their hands and say hell yeah to the termination of winter. Well – I guess not yet – but yes to the ever brightening evenings! Unless you’re Jenn Martin and you’re fasting until sundown… in that case. Well – that’s another story.

Thanks to DJ Krack for the rock and roll and roll and rock! Amazing job!

DJ Krack list


One thought on “Can’t Get Enough Krack

  1. Hey! I’ve been wanting to make a spreadsheet for DDPP for awhile, for the same reasons! Perhaps DJ Krack can be so kind to post the spreadsheet–I’d love a copy! I’d even be glad to be to keep it updated for all of us.

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