Mamma Said TKO

DJ Michelle Leslie Brown threw down hard last night with a mix that left us all better people. It was eclectic, it spanned decades and even continents! And man oh man – do I LOVE that Liz Mason’s lava projector! It provided shadow boxing ring and aggression release chamber for Mamma Said Knock You Out. Although Jenn Martin apparently didn’t get enough aggression out during class – so she decided to smash a potted plant on the ground at the end – just for kicks. Ha! Butreallyfolks – it was an accident. But maybe we can all bring a plant some class and smash them outside sometime? Ok – maybe fake plants. I don’t want to commit herbicide.

And lest I forget to mention – ANY mix that includes any tracks off of Daft Punk’s live in Chicago music is after my heart. Great work Leslie Brown! Your college self would be proud!

Dj Michelle Leslie Brown Playlist


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