Tasty Apple Pietunes

Oh dark under lord of the ipod universe? Why doth thou curse dear Lauri with your glitches and ticks and song skips and overall brutality? Why doth thou take our emotions and heart rates on a roller coaster without seat belts? Dark under lord – why do your armpits smell of turpentine? BE GONE UNDER LORD! STAND DOWN! WE ARE TOO STRONG! WE WILL NOT LET YOU WIN!

So…DJ Lauri Apple Pietunes served up her second piping hot sweet mix… and for the second time, the evil dark lord of technology tried getting it’s long grody fingers on a slice. But no no no! We wouldn’t have it! Our enthusiasm, chanting and sage burning rituals drove these spirits of the dark side out of the studio. One woman even broke out her leather and whip to chase these demon spirits from 4057 N Damen forevermore! (thank you for that extra protection!) So below, please find the playlist DJ Apple Pietunes wanted us to hear in its entirety. And much, much, much further below, please find that techno under lord of the dark universe and give him a kick in the shins for us. We thank you.


2 thoughts on “Tasty Apple Pietunes

  1. The dark_lord.jpg, that is used in this post – what is it?
    Are you the author of this picture?
    I would like to use it in my game.

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