Beautiful day; 13 beautiful ladies. Who says the #13 is bad luck? DJ Tanner was the luckiest lady in the house tonight.

Lucky lady Martin

Ladies, ladies, ladies. Jenn Martin, aka DJ Tanner was getting a little nervous when the clock struck 6:25 and not a lady was to be found on the dance floor. What’s a girl to do with her pink dancing shoes on, in a room of flashing lights, but no dancing partners? Don’t even think of the answer because you don’t have to. The ladies know that DDPP loves them and they all whipped through the door at 6:30. Thirteen beautiful and talented ladies..and they all had their dancin’ shoes on too. Woo hooo! DJ Tanner had the full house she knows and loves…only her house is not in San Francisco. She rocks Chicago, and she rocks it hard. Really hard (GUNTHER AND HIS TRA LA LA KNOW WHAT DJ TANNER IS TALKING ABOUT). She showed her ladies that she loved them (not to mention that she had to dance even harder because her number one lady was missing 😦 JB). We started the night out with Hey Baby. It was a way to say, “hey, I”m here, and I’m ready to dance my heart out”. We ended the night with Bitter Sweet Symphony because it was bitter when the dancing was over. 🙂

Are you kidding, THE DANCING IS NEVER OVER. We’ll see you in a couple of days or next week! Thanks ladies!!


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