FYI: The Freaks (also) Come Out Mid-Afternoon

Spoonie Gee says “All Aboard!” (with his eyes)

Although she played no Journey, DJ Lalee took us on one. We started off on a raucous rock and rollercoaster and paused at the Cornershop for a smoke break. We then boarded the soul train – taking us up and over the mountains, through funk country and delivered us into a the mystical monastery of nun other than the women we worship – MIA, Bjork and Lil Mama (who let’s face it – delivered some big ol beats – 10 pounders!). After getting down to the three wise wonder women, we got deaky – freaky deaky. Although it was in the 60s and sunny out, it was night time in our cozy confines. And you betcha – the freaks in all of us came out for a hiyahello. But all the freakin makes a lady hungry – so we spread the monster jam on our toasty buns and called it a night. After all – good is good, no? Yes. Yes indeed. Thanks Lalee for this masterful earful!


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