Blast from Bizzo Past

Fresh off a plane from Maui, Kiki Bizzo wasn’t tired of traveling. Oh no! She was primed and pumped (complete with pretty blue flower in hair!) to take on the role of DDPP tour guide…back…in… time. She whisked us away through her tune-age back to our hangin’ out with the ladies by the lockers days with LA gear sneakers and side ponies and slap bracelets galore.

This mix was so effective at this time jump that I had the wildest dreams/flashbacks last night of Mr. Beaver’s (no joke – that was his name) science class and performing a D.A.R.E. rap in spandex in front of my 5th grade class. (trauma time). But god damn! We loved it! She showed us how to develop and maintain our own prerogative and – how to have faith! Faith in our awkward years and how far we’ve come along since then (or not – in my case)! And above all – the lady made us S.W.E.A.T.! I haven’t been that winded in yonks! Sweet ass mix Bizzo! Good to have you back!


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