A La Vie? Hell Yes.

DJ A La Vie gave us a steamy helping of the good life tonight with her carton of deep-fried, booty-grinding, head-banging, finger-licking tunes. We accomplished a lot for a mere hour and a half ladies! I mean – we came out straight away and admitted we were no good, we got down (tonight), we passed that dutch, we dropped the needle, and  experienced the power of synchronized spontaneous clapping (the things CLAPCLAP you say, CLAPCLAP your purple prose just gives you away. the things CLAPCLAP you say CLAPCLAP – you’re unbelievable! Ohhhahahahahahoooo!).

And then – woah. CUPCAKES! Sweet Kelly V brought in some strawberry chocolate numbers that still have me licking my chops in honor of my big ol b-day. Thank you immensely Kiki Bizzo for ending a sweet mix with that sweet treat! And remember my birthday advice – don’t try writing your name in the snow with your urine stream. Believe me. Well – unless you have a magic cone…



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