Mother/Daughter Get-Down!

Does hanging out with ma or daughter sometimes get you down? Why not make that a real Get-Down…duke it out on the dance floor!

Daughter! Remember that time mom grounded you from the dance? Show her how you wouldda shaked what she gave ya if only she would have let you out of your room!

Mamma! Remember how your daughter said to stop embarrassing her in front of her friends? Time to let it all hang out and show her where she got her good looks and sweet-ass moves!

That’s right folks – this SUNDAY, MAY 11 – MOTHER’S DAY 2008 – we’re hosting a special Mother/Daughter DDPP!

Bring your ma! Bring your daughter! Bring your mom-away-from-mom or the daughter you wish you birthed! And if grannie can make it along – bring that sexy mamma, too!

A playlist to span generations and heal all wounds! Songs you’ll remember singing at full-tilt in the family mini van! Spread the love…spread the word.


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