DJ Century Breaks Records…Cassettes, 8-tracks and Wax Cylinders

Last night was THE night of unparalleled firsts. How so might you ask? Like this:

  • First time a DJ has changed her moniker to match her mix. And really – it just makes sense: Megan “DJ Import” Krejny was responsible for the 1st ever totally global mix – featuring all never-been-ddpped-to-before music not from the motherland. But as the new Megan “DJ Century” – she gave us a mix all-about America – and we like American music, too, baby…
  • First time we had a chronological mix done – and the scale! Whew! DJ Century kicked it off with tunes from 1908 and two-stepped, hopped, jived, rocked, discoed, moshed and gyrated to the present year. Which brings me to our third first..
  • WAX CYLINDERS?!?! Yep I can say with confidence that this was the first DDPP worldwide featuring songs recorded onto wax cylinders. Ahhh – I can feel the pinch of the corset and blister-inducing shoes just thinking back to it.
  • And of course taking on a mix of this proportion wasn’t quite enough of a challenge – DJ Century also made sure none of the songs had ever been heard before at our DDPP. (dammit – I was gonna use that song from 1914 on my next mix!). Ok – that wasn’t a first – but with the above combined – it’s sure worth pointing out!

So on those notes (pun fully intended) and this momentous occasion, Megan inspired some firsts on the dance floor, too…(in chronological order! it’s only right.)

  • Air Guitar on the floor!
  • A human chain!
  • 60s teen freak-out impersonations!
  • Leg diving!
  • Moshing! (correction for Mr. Cobain – with the lights out – it is MORE dangerous).
  • And of course – the caterpillar!

Ok – what songs in what order could have created an atmosphere for all of this wondrous madness to transpire? Glad you asked again (mind-reader you!). Check it!

Thank you DJ Century for another incredibly ambitious and fantastic mix! May we all feel as creative in our mix-making! Here here!
My head is still reeling from that survey of our great musical tradition and my body still confused about how it would have boogied down before rock and roll came to be (giant feather props, no doubt). I’m ever-so and even more thankful to have been born in the age of heavy drum beats!


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