Dishes of Delicious

Holy tasty cakes! DJ Delish – aka DJ Bender – served us up one hot tune casserole this eve with her food-theme mix! I still can’t quite believe the ambition of some DDPP DJ’s – and tonight’s mix added to my incredulousness! (#$%^&*!!!!)

We started off on the right foot with a little Weird Al, and then transfered our weight to the left foot to make our way over to the little bowl with pastel sugar blobs high while we waited for our table. 

The second we were seated the waiter began blowing our minds. To begin? A fondue of Chocolate Buttermilk to accompany our plate o flapjacks. To cleanse the palate? Some maki and nigiri love with just the right amount of ginger/wasabi/soy. By then that whole sweet/salty feedback loop had begun. So we had to split a banana boat. That was a little too sweet, so we went all Midwestern and chowed down on beer and brats. And damn that sweet/salty would not end! So we had to fill our gullets with whipped cream AND cherry pie! We were barely fitting into our pants by this point, so we used vaseline to line our waists for ease of movement. Ahhhh…

This lady is obviously not cut out for the DJ Delish Mix - GO HOME!

And who said Sunday ain’t for boozin? We took a break from all the solids with a sparkling little highball of gin and juice that made our lips all cherry red (it was blood orange juice – only the finest). And why stop a good thing? We had another sipper – a freshly made pina colada.  By then all of our inhibitions were gone – and even the Jews and Muslims among us wanted nothing more than yep… BACON. Mmmmm. And once you open that pandora’s box – you start doing all sorts of crazy crap – like just sticking your fist Pooh-bear style in a jar of marmalade and shoving your pie-hole with sugar and honey honey. Alas – we needed another salty – like a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, heinz 57 and french fried potato. Washed it down with a big ol peach milkshake (country-style) and some banana chips to make us feel a tad bit healthier after eating to all those beats.

And in case you didn’t know – cherries help your, um, regularity. So just to ensure we don’t feel like hell all week long while this mix moves through the ol system, we had a healthy helping of black cherries to see us through it all. Yummmm!

Thank you DJ Bender for that lip-smacking mix that makes Thanksgiving look like an afternoon snack! 


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