Dance Was Conceived By Cockroaches, Reared By Women

(over a month ago I mistakenly created this post as a new page, not a new post. Whoops – taken me a little too long to rectify. Apologies!)

During DJ Cockroach’s raucous mix this evening, I couldn’t help wonder when the first dance took place on this great earth. Did protozoa do the polka? Do lizards try the limbo? Were the the first homo sapiens side-steppers? Brace yourself. I have some sad news… I did not come up with a satisfactory or conclusive answer (wah wah waaah). But I did come to the conclusion that DJ Cockroach took us all somewhere far, far away in our own minds where one could wonder about such things while bouncing to and fro. And that’s exactly where we all needed to be. 

DJ Cockroach perfecting her mix

Her mix began with a beautiful succession of earthy, primordial jams that placed us somewhere dark and sweet and lovely and not anywhere in the greater Chicagoland area (I assure you). She then brought us back into the world with a super hot rock and pop interlude which inspired some well… inspired dance moves. A few ladies jumped in place for what seemed like entire songs, others were moved to boogie their goodie two-shoes in front of the ever-amazing lava projector. It was like we had all been hiking silently and contentedly in an other-worldly forest. Then suddenly in a clearing, we saw The Kinks performing live for a pack of tree gnomes and we fearlessly joined them. (No – I am not on drugs) 

Then, just as the rock tunes were winding down we all laid down in the grass to watch the most beautiful sunset and pink moon rise overhead in the new summer air. None of us wanted to get up when it was all said and done. We could have slept under the stars until morning. 

Thank you DJ Cockroach for that fantastic mix that let us all escape for a blissful hour and a half. Now if only I could find that portal back to the other dimension…


Wait a second! Cockroaches were the first to dance! They even have a fun Mexican dancing song written about them! No wonder?!


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