My oh my! For a one year old we’re blowin away the doctors! Look at us grow!

I mean – one year ago the only thing we consisted of was 2 roommates with need to bust a move. And then there was a class. A class with over a dozen fearless and faithful Chicago women who decided that the thought of dancing in daylight without our friends Boozy Jones and the male humanoid  was a damn fine idea.

Within a year we’ve been featured in over a dozen news outlets – from national magazines to national radio programs to newspapers and websites galore! Within a year we’ve helped spawn 17 (HOLY $%^&!) chapter cities around the globe! Within a year we’ve gone from one class once a week to double!

And most importantly – within a year we’ve connected with hundreds of other Chicago women and shared in the joy that is dancing without a care in the world! I don’t mean to get too dramatic here – but that’s a pretty big deal in our book. With hard work and smiles on our faces, we hope to continue rocking Chicago with DDPP for many years to come! Thank you to each and every one of you that have come to class, told your friends about it, and continued to come by and boogie down. You’ve been the highlight of our year, for frickin sure.

So the only way then to do this last class was by revisiting our very first playlist, compiled by yours truly, DJ Bran (I keep your shit loose). Right here:

And perhaps the greatest testament to this little dance outfit that could, is that on our first year anniversary – which is the FIRST time both Jenns could not make it to DDPP, we could entrust our baby with regulars Kelley & Victoria to run smoothly! Thank you so much ladies for making it all happen!




  1. I am so happy the 2 Jenn’s needed to get their groove on a year ago and started DDPP. I’ve been coming since January and it has helped me ssssssooooooo much both physically and emotionally. Even if I’m in a bad mood or stressed out or even dog-tired I come to DDPP and go home sweaty and HAPPY!!
    Happy Anniversary!!!!! Don’t stop til you’ve got enough!!! toni

  2. the only thing i mourn is the fact that it took me six months to get my act together and join the fun. I love ddpp. I am converted. I am transported. i am a revolution…twice a week. Yea!
    -jenn grace

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