Have the DDPP ladies been resting on their laurels?…

…hell no!

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may be wondering where all the posts are. No, classes haven’t been canceled. What has happened, though, is that the lovely Jenn Martin got married! In freakin’ PERU!

Not content to throw down just any ol’ wedding reception, Jenn and her man decided to throw a party and get their groove on in the Peruvian mountains. With her extensive background in dance party planning, you can bet that the dance hall was hoppin’.

Of course, Jenn took her partner in crime, Jenn B, for the occasion as the maid of honor. Which sadly left us Chicago-based dance enthusiasts without our guiding stars.

But fear not, as a dedicated group of DDPP vets stepped in to carry the torch (er, disco ball?) while they were away. These ladies (Victoria, Kelly, Megan and Kristen) have battled sticky doors, shoddy wiring, and other obstacles to keep the dance fever high. Kudos to them for all of their hard work!

So, our apologies for the blog being a little out of date. Want to know what’s been played? Don’t fret; our Database Czar is still plugging in those entries, so click the Song Database link above to see what’s been hitting the dancefloor.

Congratulations to Jenn M!!! And to both Jenns: come home soon, DDPP isn’t the same without you!

Respectfully submitted,

DJ Reaction (nee Import, Century)


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