Kiki’s In Bizzo

I couldn’t have been more pleased to come back from 3 weeks without the dance (sans Jenn Martin’s Salvatore’s epic 5 hour wedding dance party) to Kiki Bizzo’s fantastic, masterful mix. No thanks to the Cubs and George Michael’s concert, we began class a little on the late side – which turned out to be just fine! Meant we had to just up the BPM (boogie per minute). Luckily, we’re all experts in such matters. Below, please spy Kiki’s jammin jams:

Yep – getcher glasses out and make it work. Or just close your peepers and tap your puppies and trust it was a helluva time.

Hope to see all ya’ll sooner than later! We got plenty of room in our studio – some come the hell by, why dontcha? DO IT!


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