Kung-Fu Fighting

No rain today – we were walking on sunshine (with protective footwear mind you – mamma didn’t raise no fools). DJ AllieKatt took a break from perusing the alleys for fish and that damn Heathcliff and man oh man we were happy she did. It was (sorry) the purrrrrfect mix for a sunny Sunday afternoon in Chicago. The energy was off the charts for the entire class and each of us took turns losing control in order to maintain the homeostasis of the room itself. Thankfully – no fire alarm this time!

Musical highlights were plentiful – including Kelley C’s verbatim rendition of “Baby Got Back” and all of our neutron dances – which were no doubt enough to create new matter.

And and and…DJ Alliekatt showed us how she gets her name with song number 11. See below.

Yep – it’s true. We allow cats in class – especially the kind with a K 🙂 Thanks for a FANTASTIC mix that all who experienced will sleep like babies tonight because of. Whew! Sweeeeeat!


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