Agent N-a-palooza!

DJ Natalie threw down Chicago-festival-style last night with a Pitchfork/Lollapalooza inspired mixterpiece!

Regrettably, VERY regrettably neither Jenns could make it last night. Martin/Salvatore was out for the count with a perplexing and vexing foot injury that the doctors have yet to make sense of. And Brandel is in the middle of work insanity – which is almost always how it is – but more now than ever. She’s producing an exercise video of an extremely inspiring woman – Dara Torres. She’s 41, babelicious (in all senses) and will be swimming for the USA at the Beijing Olympics. Go Dara!

Alas – for those who made it – you can certainly recount fond memories of this incredible and topical (incropical?) mix. For those of us who didn’t – I lament in solidarity. Thanks Natalie for kicking ass in that special way that only you do. I seriously want a copy of this mix. Big time.


One thought on “Agent N-a-palooza!

  1. This mix will go down in history for me as the first mix that wore me out to the point where I almost couldn’t dance all the way through it. It rocked that hard. Awesome job, Agent N!

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