Have we all got to learn from DJ Two Step…..

What do mashed potatoes, tootsie rolls, & peppermints have in common? Not only are they edible, but they are danceable, too. That is, if you know how to do the moves. I, for one, realized I need a lesson in the decades of dance songs that involve choreography. The DDPP ladies, no matter if they knew the tootsie roll or the monster mash, strutted their stuff, making up new moves to the legendary songs as they went. If we didn’t know how to do the Hustle, we created our own DDPP version. The night was full of songs we recognized (the cha cha cha by Sam Cooke…thanks DJ Two Step. It made me think of my wedding dance song, also by Sam Cooke), and we danced to songs we couldn’t even understand, like “the wall” song, where apparently, you aren’t supposed to dance at all. Needless to say, our evening was full of classics that make the body want to move and some not-so classics that made us think we were birds flying overhead looking for worms to eat…or wait, were we the worms below doing “the wiggle” ourselves. Needless to say, DJ Two Step has made a new name for herself…Amazing. Cheers to shakin’ our butts on the dance floor way , way way beyond the twist.


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