I Wishigan We Were in Classagain

DJ Magic Mitten (aka Kelley C) brought us a themed mix like we’ve never had before – it was based on a place! Before I spoil the surprise, see if you can guess the theme by perusing the playlist below:

Give up? Think about it – mitten…Sufjan Stevens… Eminem… Motown… got it?

MICHIGAN! DJ Magic Mitten hails from the wolverine state, and her mix last night put us in another state – total dance bliss. In honor of Magic Mitten’s mix, I’m changing the state motto from: “Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam, circum spice” [If you are seeking a amenable (pleasant) peninsula, look around you] to “Si quaeris dance class amoenam, circum spice”.

By the way – isn’t that the coolest state flag you’ve ever seen? And by the by the by the way – the last song on the mix was by Mr. Sufjan himself:  Say Yes! To M!Ch!Gan! Which is what we all emphatically did for a sweaty smile-inducing hour and a half! Thanks for the total work of art on that mixterpiece! Keep the themes coming, you fantastically creative and amazing women! WE LOVE IT


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