I’ll run around you any day over and over. I think we call that a “re-run”

Eulalia, aka DJ Rerun, gave us the run of our lives last night. I don’t know about all you ladies, but my legs were hurtin’ after last nights dj marathon into the past…past DDPP dance parties that is! One song sticks out in my mind from last night. It kept shouting, “we are united”. I felt it, did you? We were united through our dance moves, spirits, and our ability to let go and express ourselves. Oh, and did we express ourselves as the night started out with Vogue. We demonstrated our amazing rhythm, because we are indeed, the DDPP rhythm nation. We took a chance on each other in our dance space and let it all out without a care in the world. Headsprung (I think I almost busted my neck last night with some outlandish moves). Milkshake…oh WO-man do we have the shake. We took the dancing to a higher ground because we were true west end girls, kickin’ and pushin’ and moving our feet. All I have to say is 1 Thing…DJ Rerun rocked the house, our bodies, and our belief that there are still places where you can shake your booty without being judged. Well done ladies. Keep it comin………


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