Never Can Say Goodbye. nooooooononononono!!!

See that lovely blond lady swishing her pony tail hither and thither? Well enjoy the photo, because you won’t be seeing her nor her now shorter pony tail at DDPP Chicago any longer. How do we in Chicago feel about this change of events? The photo below says it all:

We are trying very hard to accept that our dear dear Megan Krejny is moving West to the land of 10,000 lakes and not taking us with her. Or… is … she? She’s taking our spirit – that’s for sure. And hopefully that spirit will wo-manifest into a shiny, new chapter of DDPP – Minneapolis!

We will miss Miss Megan and her AMAZINGLY, tenderly, thoughfully arranged mixes. Who could forget DJ Import – when she played all songs from outside the US and A? Or the night she took us back to the future with a history of American dance music starting with wax cylinders? DJ Century! More like DJ OF THE CENTURY! And let’s not forget Megan was the incredibly motivated soul who began our amazing Dance Song Database … (PS if anyone is interested in keeping this updated now that Megan’s leaving – please let us know!). And wait a second – who can forget Megan’s amazing moves? She’s a breakdancer! A strutter! A crab walker! I mean – the woman has moooooooves! And she busted many of them out tonight as she gave us another mix for the memory books as DJ Sayonara. See if you can guess the theme based on the name and the songs below.

Give up? Then you should leave. No seriously – get out. Har.

Megan – you rule! Thank you so much for brightening up our Wednesdays and Sundays and for all of the love and work and dedication you showed for this funny little event! We will always remember the times you paid in rolls of quaters and got here in rain, sleet, snow and total exhaustion to bust a move with us. Best of luck to you in all you do, Dr. Krejny! (oh yeah – did I mention Megan is like, an astro-physicist and shit? It’s true.) Thanks for the amazing send-off mix! It’s been a honor to sweat with you!




3 thoughts on “Never Can Say Goodbye. nooooooononononono!!!

  1. I was so sorry I missed Megan’s last night at DDPP. I will miss her playlists(the international one is still my all time fave mix) Good Luck with new MN chapter of your life!!!! toni

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