We Always Hang in a Buffalo Stance…(do we, really?)

Ok – let’s get things straight. First and foremost, a first-time mix master DJ Stone Fox did us proud last night. She served up lots of hot new jams that our sticky buns soaked right up. She did us so proud in fact, that we were inspired to hang in a buffalo stance.

Wait. Did we, or did we not hang in a buffalo stance? Or a befuddled dance? We need a definition of terms.

Ding! Our friends at Urban Dictionary.com proffered these definitions:

1. Buffalo Stance

To stand with your arms tighly crossed looking over to side at somebody. This comes from the pose struck by Bruce Smith of the Buffalo Bills in the late 1980’s
Run Dmc often posed in a “Buffalo Stance”

2. Buffalo Stance

“Buffalo Stance” is a song by Neneh Cherry. (YES!)

It inspired a unique “dance” on the television show Dance Party USA; dancers would stand absolutely still for the duration of the song.

Have you listened to “Buffalo Stance” by Neneh Cherry? It’s totally rad!

3. Buffalo Stance

The way a prostitute stands on the corner is called the “Buffalo Stance.” Dumbass.
“That ho is standing in the Buffalo Stance.”

4. Buffalo Stance

To stand proud (with large testicles).
Mr. Moore stood in a buffalo stance on the playground.

5. Buffalo Stance

the way a buffalo stands
dude……dont be a buffalo

Hmmmm. The jury is out. Out to lunch and not making any claims as to which definition of the stance (other than #2) we might have partaken. I think we can rule out #4, but you never know.

Check out this hot video with miss Neneh Cherry to see how we rocked it.

AND! Now – the playlist that inspired a million happy thoughts:


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