Mandate my ass? MANDATE MY ASS!!!

We had a wonderful bunch of veterans and newbies alike last night; and just one minute into the first song, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them! That was thanks to DJ Fluffy Fingers (first time DJ?!!) master mix-making skillz!

She knocked us out with a one-two punch of her flufftacular fists! Then she gently carried our willing bodies in to her Lincoln Towncar of tunage and let me tell ya – the ride was smoooooooth. No turn signals needed – Fluffy Fingers made a mix that went over mountains of energy and through valleys of sweet dewey grass and we waved our arms wildly out the windows without stopping to see where we’d been and where we were headed. During the Girls Aloud remix of the Pointer Sisters’ “Jump” we reached a fever pitch of exuberance that hasn’t been rivaled in quite some time! Clapping! Stomping! Banging the sticky wooden floors with our fists! That’s what this mix inspired us to do! 

Thank you DJ Fluffy Fingers for stroking our furrowed brows with your magic fluffy digits and waving away the pain. And now – a breakdown of the fight that wasn’t a fight at all: (TKO!) 


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