They’re baaaaack… DDPP SUNDAYS!

Sundays. They’re not just for laundry anymore.

Here’s a friendly reminder that starting THIS SUNDAY – NOVEMBER 2 – Dance Dance Party Party is back in action!

And here to fearlessly lead you into all your Sunday revelry are our two new DDPP Den Mothers! Kelly Vanater and Kelley Clink.

The Jenns will run Wednesdays, the Kell(e)ys will run Sundays. So if you ever want to start up another day of DDPP – just find someone with your first name and we’ll talk… 😉

And don’t forget the new time changes!

You asked for it! We listened! DDPP will start at these new times:
WEDNESDAYS: 7pm (sharp!) – 8pm (sharp!)
SUNDAYS: 4pm (sharp!) – 5pm (sharp!)
We’ll still have the studio open for 15 minutes beforehand – so get there early, get your chat on and get ready to rock! We’ll now be starting with a warm up song, too. Woo woo!

And now that we have two times to rock every week, why not sign up to DJ? Shoot us an email (ddppchicago{at}gmail{dot}com) and we’ll get you on the calendar! We welcome new mixes, old mixes, new takes on old mixes, and everything in between.



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