We Did the Mash…

We did the mooooooonster mash!

As the Phillies were working on world baseball domination, and as Obama was addressing the nation on every network station, we at DDPP took a break from all competitive arenas and practiced gyration.  Like, the MF Monster Mash, yo. And it caught on in a flash… unlike this wacky thwacky matching action game below. P.S. Parker Brothers – anytime you put “Thwacky” in a game title, um….

DJ Agent N was our provider of tunage for the pre-Hallow’s Eve Eve. And it was like she brought home a big ol buffet of Halloween candy for a room full of hungry 3rd graders. We gobbled up all the sweet treat beats she offered and experienced in song, the time-honored and wildly addictive sugar rush and crash (ahh – to be young)!

And many thanks to Agent N for providing much more than the standard goodies in our pillow cases! Instead of bible pamphlets and stale mini-packs of raisins, we got vintage treats like “The Freaks Come Out At Night” and obscure nibbles like “Mexican Radio”! I’m sure I’m not alone when I say – if the next dentist visit is bad news, I don’t regret a single thing. Not. a. thing.

Behold! Le Playlist!


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