S.E.X.Y. Robot


Now that your circuitry is all abuzz, lemme break it down for you what all transpired last night. So Toni – aka DJ Tunerkin – had made what was sure to be a cubbie-love-fest mix back in those fleeting moments when the Cubs had a fighting chance to make it into the World Series. Alas – her ipod is a bit of a soothsayer, and said machinery decided it could not go on. Some songs would outright refuse to play, and others just gave us the slightest hint about what driving bass line and funky melody was to come before pooping out.

One of those songs we were teased with so cruelly (not by Toni, but by her unfeeling ipod), was S.E.X.Y. Robot. And last night, we got to enjoy it full-length, in all its robotic sexiness. DJ Tunerkin had plenty more where that came from. We had a helluva a time getting down to the other aural treats she provided. Check it out:


And Jenn Martin? You were sorely missed. Especially during OUR song – lucky #13 (how could you?!) Remember those days? I sure do. This was back when Jenn Martin (Hall) and me (Oates) didn’t have car trouble on the way to class.



One thought on “S.E.X.Y. Robot

  1. Wow! I had no idea that putting Maneater (a last minute addition) would bring out such a hidden treasure! Jenn, you are workin that mustache girl!!!!!!

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