Ayee…ayee…ayee, ayee, ayee!

This week I witnessed a wealth of UNBELIEVEABLE dance moves:  the Shuffle Off to Buffalo, synchronized twirling, random bursts of jogging, and—oh yes—the Sexy Crawl (you rule, AllieKatt!)  All thanks (and all hail!) to the irrepressible DJ Muzak.  

Don’t let the name fool you, this week’s mix was no trip to the grocery store.  It was one of those magical nights where the world outside the walls melted away.  We forgot all of our problems, we forgot where we were, hell, I might even have forgotten my own name!

We danced until our hearts pounded, we danced until our feet turned into lumpy blobs, and while Duffy begged for mercy, we begged for more!  And DJ Muzak delivered.  If only we could get THIS kind of muzak in all of our elevators:


I mean, “Vibeology” for crying out loud—it just does NOT get any better.


Two hours later and I’m still rockin’ the endorphin rush.  Go Paula?  Go Muzak! 




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