Don’t Need No Hateration, Holleration, In This Dancery

As is evidenced from this blog’s title, Mary J Blige is: a wordsmith, a poet, a magician of the English language. And in celebration of such talent, we dance… DJ L Boogie Style.

A week after our family affairs round the big baked bird, we gathered in the just-a-touch chilly studio. But when the clock struck 7, that all changed. We got our crunk upon, had fun upon it, in that dancery. DDPP became a human-powered heater and humidifier. Good-bye family drama, good-bye bloody noses (from dry air)… hello thoughts of sexy turkey with a sun tan. Wait – WHAT?


DJ L Boogie offered us up a cournacoupia (next class is free to anyone who can send me a verifiable, correct spelling of that giant horn shaped thing with fruit in it I just tried to phonetically conjure and google the hell out of) of a lovingly-prepared, slow-cooked, gooey goodness. In other words, an aural buffet that we all pigged the f*ck out on. Verdict? Wholly necessary and holy cow delicious. Feast yer ojos on this spread:

DJ L Boogie

Expose? My new favorite old band. They don’t make em like they used to. Thank you DJ L Boogie for your time, talent and planning of this drama-free, fun for the whole family mixterpiece.

And in this, we remind ourselves of more Mary J Blige wisdom we can use in upcoming holiday family affairs: If you got beef, your problem, not mine.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Need No Hateration, Holleration, In This Dancery

  1. Cornucopia? May I have the definition, please?

    1 : a curved goat’s horn overflowing with fruit and ears of grain that is used as a decorative motif emblematic of abundance 2 : an inexhaustible store : abundance 3 : a receptacle shaped like a horn or cone

    What is the origin of the word?

    Etymology: Late Latin, from Latin cornu copiae horn of plenty

    Could I hear it used in a sentence, please?

    The winner of this year’s spelling will take home the grand prize of a cornucopia full of pride and one free ticket to the dance dance party party of her choosing.

    Okay. Thank-you, I got this:

    cornucopia. C O R N U C O P I A. cornucopia

    I believe we have a winner.

  2. YO! That is a CLEAR winner! You win at the internet, and at life! If you didn’t get a free DDPP yesterday, consider the next one on Le HOUSE! Got a glimpse of your mix and MAN – wish I could have made it! I had an all-weekend workshop. Dang!

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