Wash My Feet

So… Lady K Stud provided one helluva mix tonight. We had a score of sweaty, bouncing ladies workin it out with love. And as I let my mind wander its little wander during the songs, a theme emerged: Feet. Although  the word “feet” and variations thereof only makes its way into two titles, be sure there were plenty of other tunes a podiatrist would have on his pod, ipod that is.

And if you have eyes and a pinch of curiosity, you likely saw the picture homage I made below before you read the “what the hell explanation” I’m about to give.

I’ll keep it simple. Song #3? I thought Dude N Nem was saying “wash my feet.” Or maybe I was just hoping they were. Because I want to see that music video. And K Stud also lovingly placed a song in there (Twenty Five Miles) from a very climactic moment in the most excellent film, Adventures in Baby Sitting. Hence, the Thor-like cap. This image of DJ Lady K Stud humbly providing us everything we needed and more  — flashed before my minds eye at some point during tonight’s romp. And so I felt compelled to birth it – virgin mary style.  


If you’d like a lesson in Art History: the water here = the music K Stud doused us with tonight. The clay pot = the vessel of the studio that held us like a warm mother’s arms. The stubbly-faced man in the potato sack dress = us. 

If you’d like to just see what the heck we heard, well then here: 



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